Press - (Dansk)

The sound of good company on a warm summer night.
- Danish music magazine GAFFA ★★★★

Crystal clear country pop… elegantly combined with inspirations from Irish and Scottish folk music.
- Local danish paper Bornholms Tidende

Three amazing voices that with great talent, brightness and grace beautifully to communicate the lyrics
- Karl Georg of Academic Books.

Who is Songs for Iris?

Songs for Iris is friendship. Acoustic music. Teasing. Romance. Broken hearts. A choir of angels. Fun and laughter. Folk and country. Songs for Iris makes you want to sit down and have a beer with them. You will laugh. You will shed a tear. You will lose yourself in the harmonies and stories.

Songs for Iris is five friends, each of who can play the socks of anybody. They sing of life and love, of losing and dancing. And they're full of mischief.


The story of Songs for Iris begins - as all good stories do - on the prairie in the Musicology canteen on Copenhagen University in 2008. Three singers met, had a beer, and fast agreed that there is a fatal lack of country music in the world. And - while drinking more beer - they decided to do something about it.

First they performed a ton of concerts in the Kingdom of Denmark. They released the albums Tales & Lies (2011), Let's Begin (2015), and Mending (2016). They toured in Ireland and Scotland, while they gained fans from the US in the west to South Korea in the east. They hit the radio. They created beautiful and silly music videos. And much, much more.

Who is Iris?

Iris was Heidi's grandmother. Every time Heidi visited Iris, she would bring a tape with new songs she had recorded. And Iris would listen and ask for more. When Iris passed away, she took several of the tapes with her in the grave.

Live setup

Heidi Mattsson – Vocals and Acoustic guitar
Mads Nyland – Vocals and Acoustic 12-string guitar
Jakob Ambeck Vase – Vocals and Percussion
Torben W. Pedersen – Bass
Gertrud Joyce Borchsenius – Violin

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