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Songs For Iris

“The sound of good company on a warm summer night.”
Danish music magazine GAFFA **** // “Crystal clear country pop… elegantly combined with inspirations from Irish and Scottish folk music.” Local danish paper Bornholms Tidende // “Three amazing voices that with great talent, brightness and grace beautifully to communicate the lyrics.” Karl Georg of Academic Books.//

Songs for Iris is a Copenhagen based pop/folk quartet, but due to their highland sound you might place them in Ireland or Scotland instead. Both countries are favoured tour destinations for the band, and their travels there in 2011 & 2012 proved to be very successful, so they will be returning there on a longer tour in 2015. To describe Songs for Iris as simply a traditional folk band would be wrong, however. The music is also influenced by both americana and pop, but what really defines the sound is the playful vocal arrangements between the soprano voice of Heidi Mattsson, and the tenor voices of Jakob Ambeck Vase and Mads Nyland. The combined harmony is exceptional, and accompanied beautifully by 6 and 12 string guitars and cajon.

As listener, you will have a wonderful musical and lyrical experience. The original songs explore themes of love and life, with both a melancholic tone and lighter, more humorous stories. The friendship between the members with the playful comments and anecdotes that follow, brings warmth and laughter to any stage. A concert with Songs for Iris is both dreamy, heartfelt, intense and energetic.

The three singers met each other while studying Musicology (at the University of Copenhagen) in 2008. They soon found that they shared a passion for Irish folk music and especially the classic three voice harmonies of traditional country.
A couple of years went by with jams, good fun and cozy evenings, but as the encouragement from their surroundings grew, they decided to record the EP Tales & Lies, which was released on the 2nd of February 2011. Tales & Lies brought the band a lot of concerts and airplay with the single Fighting Life Alone on the Danish and Irish national charts.
On the 5th of February 2015 they released their debut album ┬┤Let’s Begin┬┤. The album has been well received by the danish media and several songs have found their way to the danish radio stations.

Who is Iris?
Iris is Heidi’s grandmother. She was the first to inspire the songwriter to write her own songs. Every time Heidi visited Iris she’d bring with her an old tape with her own recorded music and Iris would listen and ask for more. So when Jakob quite randomly suggested Songs for Iris as a bandname it all came together (possibly hallelujah), and in some way the band now carries that old tradition.

Live setup
Heidi Mattsson – Vocals and Acoustic guitar
Mads Nyland – Vocals and Acoustic 12-string guitar
Jakob Ambeck Vase – Vocals and Cajon
Torben W. Pedersen – Bass
Gertrud Borchsenius – Violin

Phone: +45 28573466